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About the Project

The Walkabout in Newquay has reached out to Bracefield Films to create new and engaging content for online marketing. The Walkabout has many evenings full of entertainment which they wanted to capture for future online marketing opportunities, this particular evening proved a great success.

Choosing a music track that best represented the Walkabout was crucial, then there was the pace of the film. Working closely with the Managing Director of Newquay’s Walkabout, we were able to come up with some ideas from their perspective and draw on Bracefield Films many years of experience. Together, we managed to forge a plan.

On the night of filming, everyone is made aware, to satisfy GDP and the legal bit, then its a case of letting the evening flow. Shooting with a plan in mind is a great start, being reactive to how the night progresses is an art. Remembering the remit and getting the shots is key to a successful film, keeping an open mind to what’s going on around you adds to the finished product in a way that exceeds expectations. And that is where Bracefield Films comes out on top.

Walkabout are super happy with their film, they have used it extensively and feel it draws in a bigger crowed each and every Wednesday night.

We have since worked on a number of other projects with great success.