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My Town

About the Project

A word from the Author – Alissa Kindred-Elliot

“I wrote this piece back in september, for Blystra arts Faces of Newquay project. It was so fun to put my thoughts and feelings about the town into words, and even more fun to hear that it resonated with people who heard it. I knew I wanted to get this poem out there, and share it with the community, and film seemed the perfect way to do that.

Then when the lockdown occurred, I thought what better time than now to collaborate with a local filmmaker? It’s a celebration of all that Newquay is, and I hope that it cheers people up at this time.”


Alissa Kindred reached out to the film community in Newquay Cornwall to work with her on her spoken word project.

Listening to the poem and getting a feel for the project, I then poured through  my footage which I have shot over the past 10 years here in Newquay.

The result is the coming together of two peoples ideas, two art forms and hours of passion.

Both Alissa and I are very proud to present this piece of collaborative work to the people of Newquay.