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About the Project

Devon and Cornwall Police and Bracefield Films have worked together on a number of projects recently, and as a preferred supplier, Bracefield Films was asked to have a conversation about Citizens in Policing.

The first point of contact was with the Development officer and Support Manager for Citizens in Policing. We meet to discuss what they wanted, how that looked and resources. From there, we were able to clearly see their objectives for the films and work on a “call to action”.

These films were a bold move for Devon and Cornwall Police, for the most part, presentations of this calibre are delivered by way of Power Point. So it’s an exciting time to be working with them on this forward thinking project.

The films needed to strike a chord  with serving officers and enlighten them to the benefits of using Citizens in Policing through engaging and meaningful story telling. The officers needed to see the relationship between the themselves, the volunteers , the work they do, and the impact on day to day activity.

This has been a huge  success story and has been rolled out throughout the force in Devon and Cornwall.

Of the 6 “Me in a minute” films produced, this was the one that the officers loved best.